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Latest Episodes
E-638 Peaceful protests vs coming in with sticks

Hot takes on the US coup, territorial acknowledgements draw controversy, a novel consequence for violating public health orders and the complexities of building a laneway home.

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Leg-in-Boot Media 2020 Live Winterval Special

The hosts of Cambie Report and PolitiCoast team up to bring you a special year-in-review of the federal, provincial and local politics news from 2020.

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E-668 Neighbourly Lawsuits (live)

Michael Wiebe’s response to the petition to remove him and a study on the representativeness of neighbourhood associations

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E-771 Transcript

A transcript for E-771

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E-792 Transcript

The following is a largely AI-generated transcript for E-792. Please excuse any errors. [00:00:29] Matthew Naylor: It is August 14th, 2020,… Read More

E-799 We’re not calling it a comeback Transcript

The following is a largely AI-generated transcript for E-799. Excuse any errors, we’re trying to catch up on these and need… Read More

Latest Articles
BC Rental Project spent nearly $40k on Facebook ads prior to provincial election call

A page called the BC Rental Project has spent nearly $40k arguing for private sector solutions to the housing crisis.

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Coquitlam’s real land sell off dwarfs hypothetical Vancouver land sales

Coquitlam is set to raise 12% of its budget through land sales.

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What’s on Tap March 29

Weekly roundup of what’s going on at the City of Vancouver.

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